Today Cloudveil continues its full-throttle innovation paired with quality and style. And if that's not enough we've now taken on another challenge. In 2015 the new Cloudveil line represents the apex of performance and value. This is not an easy assignment - but one we're not intimidated by. We believe value comes from more than price. Value comes from functionality, durability and dependability. And that's precisely what we're building into every piece of new Cloudveil outerwear.




Cloudveil has a new focus

From its roots, the Cloudveil brand has been a feisty front range fighter that people have come to believe in. From a garage in Jackson, Wyoming, Cloudveil came to life. In the past 15 years the Cloudveil world has changed but not the brand. Beginning Fall 2014 Cloudveil has a new direction - which is really its original direction; make great products that perform at the highest level, that are the value and the quality our loyal consumers demand. In the coming weeks and months, new products will come to the market. Cloudveil is and will continue to be a great brand. Today we at Cloudveil are dedicated to make it once again the very best company Cloudveil can be.

Our product is designed to meet the rigorous conditions of the high country - cold, wet, wind, sun and snow - sometimes all in one day! Product that's truly functional enhanced by innovative component materials - that's Cloudveil.


Here in Wyoming's Teton Range the imagination soars. Nearly twenty years ago, in this rugged but beautiful mountain range, the spark for Cloudveil Mountain Works was ignited.