Our Story

The business evolves and the players change, but innovative, clean design and an emphasis on outdoor adventure remain the cornerstones of our brand.

Cloudveil began to take shape during the winter of 1994 around a profound belief that there was room in the mountain apparel market for a focused, performance-oriented product offering that would dare to think "out of the box" when it came to functional design, fabrication, and innovation. Born in the alpine climbing and backcountry skiing playground of Jackson Hole, Cloudveil's research and development took place right outside the back door, testing proposed designs and materials, constantly refining concepts and discovering innovative new fabrications.

Cloudveil introduced eight products at the 1997 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City, and most of those are still in the line including the now signature Serendipity Jacket. Cloudveil’s early discovery and extensive use of Schoeller® stretch woven fabrics from Switzerland ushered in a new era in outdoor clothing – the soft shell – creating a line of performance apparel for the true mountain athlete, and one that Cloudveil continues to expand and focus upon.

Cloudveil apparel is now sold in outdoor specialty stores across the United States, as well as specialty accounts in Japan, Taiwan, Canada, England, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Australia, and South Korea. Cloudveil also sells to a growing customer base through our beautiful catalogs and website. We're no longer based in Jackson, but that western mountain town culture is built into the brand's DNA, and we are focused on continuing the journey and completing the mission Cloudveil's founders embarked upon all those years ago.

We appreciate your continued support and enthusiasm, and we hope you make Cloudveil a part of your next mountain experience.

Cloudveil. Live close to your dreams.