Cloudveil Mountain Ambassador Alex Hassman



Get to know Alex : Age 36

CV: Where was your first local Mountain:
AH: Ski Round Top PA.

CV: Where do you currently reside:
AH: Big Sky Montana.

CV: What is your local mountain:
AH: Big Sky Montana and Moonlight Basin

CV: Favorite activities in the winter:
AH: Telemark Skiing, Skate Skiing, Nordic Skiing, and backcountry skiing.

CV: Favorite activities in the summer:
AH: mountain biking, and kayaking.



• Owner, Millworks 58 home remodeling company.

• Bomb thrower, Big Sky Ski Patrol.

• Full time father of 2 rippers.


General Q & A

CV: What are some of the key lessons you’ve learned in the outdoors?
AH: Despite inclement weather it is always good practice to just go for it! Be safe, be prepared, but you never know what it is going to be like 2 miles down the road. More times than not you will be surprised at what you find when you just go for it.

CV: Who is your favorite local around Big Sky and why?
AH: There’s a climber out of Bozeman, Nate Opp who comes to mind. At a randonee race Nate showed up with a pair of Volant Machetes and placed 3rd. He’s an amazing climber, very iconic.

CV: What is the coolest toy in your garage?
AH: Carbon 29” Hard Tail Mountain Bike. It is the most coveted piece of equipment I own at the moment. Things with wheels have the most appeal as of right now.


Rapid Fire

Bootpack or skintrack:

Gloves inside the cuff or outside the cuff:
outside the cuff

Headphones or the sounds of Mother Nature:
Mother Nature

Cliff Bar or Cold Pizza:
Cold Pizza

Tram or Quad: